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Denounce Genocide and Defend Education and Knowledge in Palestine – A call to action to the executive boards of higher educational institutions in the Netherlands (Dutch Scholars for Palestine)

Gaza and the End of Western Fantasy

Thanks to Gaza, European philosophy has been exposed as ethically bankrupt (Middle East Eye)

Black Activists Began Traveling to Palestine in the 1960s. They Never Stopped

University of Antwerp and Gaza: “Let’s define the future”

VU-docent over berispte collega na Israëluitspraak: ‘Gevaarlijk precedent, straks vindt BBB mijn colleges over landbouw ook activistisch’

So You’re a Professor? Here’s What You Can Do to Oppose Genocide

Israel’s weapon of hunger in Gaza

The unbearable lightness of UvA’s neutrality

When genocide is reduced to a war of emotions: Personal reflections on academic debates and the war in Palestine

Canceled lecture series on Israel-Palestine situation: ‘Censorship’ or ‘guidelines’?

Literature and Reading lists:

A Palestine Reading List

Palestinian Feminist Reading List

Essay - "I, Ghost: The West doesn’t give a shit about me."

Project48 delivers the history and ongoing realities of the Nakba and its impact on Palestinian lives

Six Palestinian fiction books to read

Adania Shibli - Minor Detail

Mahmoud Darwish - Journal of an Ordinary Grief

Elias Khoury - Gate of the Sun

Suad Amiry - Golda Slept Here

Israel kills dozens of academics, destroys every university in the Gaza Strip

Ghassan Kanafani - Returning to Haifa

Light in Gaza: Writings Born of Fire (Anthology)

Hussein Barghouthi - Among the Almond Trees: A Palestinian Memoir

Ramzy Baroud - The Last Earth: A Palestinian Story

Rebecca Ruth Gould - Erasing Palestine: Free Speech and Palestinian Freedom

Anti-Zionism as Decolonisation (Essay)

Gaza - A decolonial geography (Article)

Novel Evil (Essay)


Palestine Film Index

GQ - 15 Palestinian Films You Should Watch

30 Films for Palestine and Where to Stream Them

Films about Palestine (Palestine Solidarity Campaign)

BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions):

BDS Movement

We have a tool to stop Israel’s war crimes: BDS

BDS Australia - Statement: Criticising Israel is not antisemitic

Novelist breaks with German publisher amid call for wider cultural boycott over Gaza

Nobel winner joins push to boycott German cultural institutions over Gaza

Boycotts and protests – how are people around the world defying Israel?

Zionism is not racism – BDS isn’t always anti-Semitism